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Partner with Wavu Business and help your customers reach their potential. Wavu Business is your partner when you need it. 

Lending Partner

Work with us and help reach more customers with your lending products or solutions.


Work with us as affiliates and earn commission for customers you refer to us.
Small Business Lending Partnership

What Type of Partnership is Right for You?


Banks can partner with Wavu Business to deliver end-to-end banking and loan solutions tailored to small businesses. We help banks deliver working capital to small businesses

Sole Investors

Looking for a way to make money by lending to small businesses? Become a partner at Wavu Business and digitally support small businesses

Fund Managers

Fund managers can introduce business lending into their books by working with Wavu Business. Institutional leaders can make a difference for small business

Advisory Firms

Your small business clients rely on you to help guide them to financial success. By partnering with Wavu Business accountants are able to bring a best-in-class banking platform to their clients

  1. Our solution is SMB minded, flexible & focused solely on helping small business owners streamline and manage their finances with ease
  2. Our team is friendly and ready to help you help your clients explore their options 


  1. Give your clients access to large working capital lines through Wavu Business in a simple, online interface
  2. Own the client relationship, while generating incremental fee income for your financial institution
  3. Expand your digital offering for B2B customers

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